The incorruptible president Hugo Chavez, one of the rare few leaders that did not bend over to corporations, lobbyist or pressures from the U.S. all for the sake of his working class populace and those stricken in poverty died on March 5, 2013. With his death, the future of Fascism free Venezuela remains uncertain as the filth of avaricious capitalist ~not to condemned honest entrepreneurs & businesspersons~ scramble over themselves as their top executives work on strategies to place their puppet in control of the country. If that happens, Venezuela will be lost to the eternal hell of crooked capitalism as the one the United States fell victim to almost causing a 2nd Great Depression.

Hugo Chavez, as other great revolutionaries such as Che Guevara, has been targeted by extreme Right~winger assassins numerous times, He survived a number of attempts. The world lost great warrior today.

RIP Hugo Chavez, the President that never forsake his citizens  to serve plutocracy.

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    Que descanse en Paz, el gran señor Hugo Chávez.
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